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Fondant Cake Alphabet Plunger Set

Fondant Cake Alphabet Plunger Set

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Create sweet messages on your delicious cakes!

What’s the sweetest way to give a message? Write it on a cake! With the help of theFondant Cake Alphabet Plunger Set, you can effortlessly decorate baked creations with words and messages for apersonal touch to your tasty treats

With itseasy-release plunger design, eachperfectly moldedletter issafely pushed out withjust one press. Itsnon-stick surface ensures nothing clings inside, making it eveneasier to demold and clean. Thisversatile setis suitablefor various baking and craft projects


  • Sweet Messages - Easily decorate cakes with extra sweet messages for a personal touch to your delicious creations.

  • Easy Release - Features an easy-release plunger design that safely pushes out molded letters with just one press.
  • Non-Stick - Its non-stick surface prevents residue from clinging, making it easy to demold and clean.

  • Versatile Use - Suitable for use on fondant, chocolate, jelly, soap, candle wax and more.

  • Different Options- Available in uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. 

  • Quality Material- Durably made from high quality, food-grade silicone that’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers
  • Size: 3 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Letter Size: 2.5 cm